Thursday, January 26, 2012

Garden lesson Jan. 23

Ms. Park's 4th graders enjoyed the tough job of removing more of our clogged weed mat. Soon we will have a new paved walkway just outside our plant nursery. And check out the team work needed to carry a 3/4" heavy piece of plywood to the plant nursery. The plywood is needed to finish our sink and kitchen area.

Ms. Fong's 2nd graders started a new unit on Garden Senses and began by working on the herb garden and investigating some of the smells and 'flavors' of herbs. Students visited 9 herb stations, smelled each herb and wrote a single word description of the smell. They then wrote a type of food they could imagine being flavored by that herb and lastly chose their favorite smelling herb to bring home. Next week we will prepare samples of our favorite herb-flavored foods.

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