Thursday, June 9, 2011

3rd graders make bokashi

what's bokashi you ask? It's a mix of good bacteria and yeast that can be used in composting all kinds of food waste. this stuff works on meats, dairy, pasta, eggs-you name it! we used it, of course, for dealing with our school lunch waste. which brings up another question- why is their lunch waste at school's? we will have to get back to that.

anyway, the process is as follows:

day 1: prepare bokashi by mixing together mill run, molasses, and effective microorganisms (EM)-store in airtight containers
day 14: spread bokashi to dry in the sun for long term storage
day 15: use your bokashi to mix with food waste....

Hula Grill working in the garden

On May 20 and 21st, volunteers from Hula Grill joined Waikiki students to tend the gardens and fruit trees!

Waikiki Food Farm partners with Hula Grill

Hula Grill restaurant of Waikiki has partnered with Waikiki School to support the Food Farm and lunch salad bar program. For their spring menu special they generously donated $1 from each meal resulting in a $3000 donation! In addition, employees joined Waikiki students for 2 days of gardening and hard work.

thank you Hula Grill for supporting school gardens!