Sunday, August 17, 2008

'AINA IS at Waikiki School

Waikiki School has been selected as one of eight Oahu schools for Kokua Hawaii Foundation's 'AINA IS program. 'AINA IS: Actively Integrating Nutrition and Agriculture In Schools is a farm-to-school program dedicated to connecting children to their land, waters and food in order to grow a healthier future for Hawai'i.

The program at our school will include garden-based learning and nutritional education for all levels of students. We need your help to volunteer for these exciting events.

Upcoming events:

August 23: Learn to be a Nutrition Docent. 8am at Wai'alae Elementary School.
September 6: Our first garden party at Waikiki School- come help create our 'AINA IS gardens.
September 25: Learn to be a Nutrition Docent make-up class. 5:00 pm at Wai'alae Elementary School.

For more information or to sign up to volunteer please contact Kelly ( or email us (