Sunday, September 19, 2010

work day success!

thank you to volunteers; Kiyomi (and husband), John, Bastian, Collin, Shari, Kimball and Sky! It was a cool afternoon of hard work in the garden.

Our next scheduled Work Day is Oct. 23, 3-6pm with potluck dinner to follow.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Plant nursery!

The nursery is coming along.... slowly. We had a good turnout on Saturday with Sky, Jens, Rudy, John and Kimball working on the first section of the roof. Thanks to Lydia, Mike, Megan and others for helping in the garden beds too. It's hard work in the hot sun, the kids were troopers, finding time to relax in the new shade!

We are going to need more help to get this finished. The goal is to have a shady place to propagate plants, teach garden lessons, wash produce and keep tools close to the food farm.

Next work day is Sept. 18th, 4-6pm.

Mahalo for your support!