Friday, August 28, 2009

Waikiki School HECO Home Energy Challenge

The Waikiki School-HECO Home Energy Challenge is ON and you could help our school win big money $$! Your challenge is to conserve energy at home; we will help you with tips and suggestions on how to do that. Waikiki School could win up to $8,000 if we can collectively use less energy at home this year (Oct. 09- March 2010) than last year (Oct. 08-March 09). To qualify you need to have the same HECO account number throughout the challenge period; one entry per family. Please register using the Home Energy Challenge form sent home with your child and start saving energy!!

'AINA IS Garden Party Sept 22nd

'AINA IS Gardens:
Thanks to all our families and community helpers for your hard work getting our 'AINA IS gardens ready for the new school year. We now have our kindergarten, 1st, 4th and 5th grade 'AINA gardens ready for planting. We are always looking for more garden volunteers to help with the classroom activities.

'AINA IS Nutrition Lessons:
Grade 2 and 6 nutrition lessons are beginning soon. The lessons are fun and educational for everyone. You can serve as a docent and lead the lessons or as an assistant to help the docent with the lesson, work with the students on their classroom activities, or help prepare the snack that goes with that lesson.

If you are interested in volunteering either as a garden helper or a nutrition docent, please email Kokua provides training for docents.