Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Waikiki School starts organic food farm

Waikiki School has started an organic food farm. Why? To inspire and educate our children about careers in agriculture, growing and eating fresh foods, and bringing a sense of pride to our school environment. The farm will work towards sustainability through marketing of fresh produce, collection of seeds and water-saving techniques. Projects proposed for the garden include 'eat what you grow' gardens, for example, a classroom can adopt a 'salsa garden' by growing the necessary ingredients to make salsa (cilantro, onions, tomatoes, peppers). The fourth grade classes are currently growing heirloom tomatoes using organic methods.

Timeline of Food Farm:
July 2009: mulch/manure method to grow living, healthy soil (5th and 6th grade students, community members)

August-October 2009: continue watering 3x per week, vemicast tea application (4-6 grade students)

October 2009: garden designed and first Kalo and tomatoes were planted (4th grade students, community members)
November 2009: 48 tomato plants; 8 heirloom varieties. legumes planted