Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fourth graders make kim chee using fresh school grown veggies

Fourth grade students wanted to grow a kim chee garden. They planned, planted seeds, and nurtured their won bok plants. When it was time to harvest they researched recipes and decided as a group how they would make theirs. They harvested their produce, washed it, chopped it, added ingredients and recorded the amounts and their observations. The result: delicious! After one week of sitting in a pickling jar, the kim chee was tasted. Students also prepared a batch of brown rice to go with it, using their new kitchen cart.

What's next: pickling cucumbers over the summer!

Zero lunch waste success- April 20, 2011

In celebration of Earth Day this year, Waikiki School students were treated to a special waste-free lunch. Each student was given a cloth napkin (donated by Doubletree hotels) and a metal reusable fork. Students were served lunch on a compostable tray (someday we will have actual plates) and all food waste was treated with bokashi and eventually buried in the school gardens. The lunch trays were soaked, torn into pieces and are currently breaking down in the school's compost piles.

The event was initiated by the school's lunchtime Earth Warriors club. The club collected and monitored waste from lunch and were shocked by what they saw.

In addition, students engaged in fun activities including an exercise station, story time, napkin and herb tying, writing messages on styrofoam trays and building a house of one day's worth of lunch waste.